MENTAL HEALTH WEEK AND HOMEOPATHY I have successfully helped so many cases of depression and anxiety with homeopathy…by getting to …more

Deep Breathing, so simple, and something we should do everyday.

Deep Breathing, the simplest thing we should do everyday, to stay healthy, balanced, and in touch with who we are. …more

Passion from the heart, I am a Naturopathic Doctor Specializing in Homeopathy….here’s why.

I am a Naturopathic Doctor who also has a degree in Homeopathy. I became a Naturopathic Doctor first, but went …more

Shifting Consciousness, our World, and even the Universe,…by healing ourselves.

If we heal ourselves, we heal the world. “You must be the change you wish to see in the world.”- …more

The Information Field and Homeopathy

I am always thinking of ways to describe how homeopathy works. When you have used it and seen the incredible …more

Fractals, and how Homeopathy treats the Fractal (whole)

 When treating with homeopathy, the ultimate goal is to treat the whole person with one remedy. To look at everything …more

My Top 10 Natural Skin, Hair and Natural Anti Aging Tips:

Top 10 Natural Skin, Hair and Anti aging tips: By, Jayne Marquis ND, Homeopath Internal resonance, balance, energetic practices, creativity …more

Creating Health by living through love, instead of perfection out of fear.

  Most of us grow up knowing we should love ourselves first, in order to love and in order to …more

4 FREE things that are anti aging …and Restore Health

“We don’t stop playing because we grow old; we grow old because we stop playing.” –Bernard As a Naturopathic Doctor …more

The path to awakening through inspiration…

I find this short listen a most inspiring one and one that resonates profoundly. The way we connect to ourselves …more

Alkalanizing Diet Tips

Health thrives in an alkaline environment. Disease thrives in an acidic environment. Simply put, change the terrain and you change …more

What is health? I believe its simple, holistic, and 4 fold.

I believe health is simple yet basically 4 fold. The ultimate goal is to feel love for oneself, which allows …more

ASEA and athletes

I am a Naturopahtic Doctor now, but I have always been an athlete. I think ASEA is a wonderful product …more

ordering, ASEA and the Science behind Redox Signaling Molecules

The Science of ASEA: What are Redox Signaling Molecules? To Order go to – Chances are pretty good that …more

Working out on a trampoline, …Not only is it fun, but it means healthy bones, a healthy immune system and fewer wrinkles!

I took up the sport of trampoline 5 years ago, as a fun, get fit, teach my brain and body …more

Homeopathy explained: a 15 minute explanation on homeopathy…beautifully done!

An excellent 15 minute explanation on what homeopathy is.

Homeopathy gives only the amount needed, the minimum dose.

The law of Minimum Dose states, that the gentlest potency and repetition of  a remedy should be used to correct …more

Why understanding you as an individual is SO important in finding the right remedy, (because when you do, it helps the whole being)

Modern medicine treats a particular pathology, often the same way in many people. I would like to explain the beauty …more

How to take and store your Homeopathic remedy

  The following is a guideline of how to take and store a Homeopathic medicine: Take 2-3 pellets 20 minutes …more

WHY its important to love ourselves, ….and why I believe homeopathy helps with that!

Most of us grow up knowing we should love ourselves first, in order to love. I have heard this many …more

Singing Plants at Damanhur ….the other song….WOW!

As a homeopath I have always wondered how plants tell the same story we do, and thus heal us by …more

We are what we think, AND we are 90 percent water, a super conductor of that thought!

This is another beautiful article, explaining how our thoughts crystallize into form and cause our physical reality. We are 90 …more

David Icke: Sound Vibration Equals Form, … and how it relates to Healing and Homeopathy

To take a case is to enter upon the unique life experience of an individual. It usually takes 2 hours …more

Homeopathy… my unique story and why I say “why not? the possibilities are infinite.”

My unique story and why homeopathy has become my passion:   My Life and Study of Natural medicine: I grew …more

The amazing properties and benefits of drinking pure (distilled) water

I happened to read about the benefits of distilled water over 6 months ago, and decided to give it a …more

Give this a listen if you are interested in learning more about us as energy and how what we think and feel changes that energy.

This is a wonderful listen with the latest great minds, on the newest in us as energy and how we …more

What is the difference between Naturopathic Medicine and Homeopathy?

Many people ask me what the difference is between Naturopathic Medicine and Homeopathy. Many mix the two up or use …more

21 Tips for Healthy Living

Begin drinking enough water, about 1.5-2 litres daily on average Begin eating the colors of the RAINBOW (orange, red, purple, …more

Homeopathy The Most Promising Medicine of All?

What is Homeopathy? It is interesting to contemplate why there is so much confusion about homeopathy, as written in the …more