Become a Patient

What to expect during your first Naturopathic/homeopathic visit.

  • Call the clinic to book an appointment.
  • Fill out the appropriate forms prior to your first visit (Forms) or arrive 20 minutes before your scheduled appointment to complete the forms at the clinic

Your initial appointment will be from 60-90 minutes long. During this visit, your ND will take the time to gather extensive information concerning your current health concern and medical history. A relevant physical examination will be conducted during your first or second visit and an individual treatment plan will be created for you. If homeopathy is indicated, a homeopathic intake will be the focus. Jayne prefers to do a homeopathic intake with every patient during the first visits as she feels homeopathy is the most direct method of addressing the mental emotional cause of disease.

Subsequent follow-up appointments will be 30 minutes long where there will be further discussion of your personalized treatment plan, assessment of how a homeopathic remedy is working and a detailed look at the progression of your health.

Download Forms for Adults

Download Forms for Children