Deep Breathing, so simple, and something we should do everyday.

Deep Breathing, the simplest thing we should do everyday, to stay healthy, balanced, and in touch with who we are.

Who would have thought, that just breathing could solve a lot of our health problems? I have to remind myself every day, and tell as many as I can find, that just the act of changing our breath can change the state we are in from fight or flight ….to relaxation, just through breathing. A more relaxed parasympathetic state is less acidic, more alkaline and simple healthier.

I thought it would be wonderful reminder during the upcoming holiday season.

Deep breath to instantly change the state we are in to a more relaxed, connected, love based, in the moment state. And in turn change the outward expression, to reflect what is going on inside. We can also restore health, with every breath.

It can be done any where, any time, and yet we often forget. Just breathing deeply, in for 6 and out for 6 can change our physiology, our emotion, and our perception.

There is a difference between regular breathing and deep breathing. Regular breathing comes from the lungs, using the chest muscles. It provides oxygen to the heart, which in turn makes sure the oxygen gets to all the cells in the body.

Deep breathing involves using the diaphragm to slow the breathing. The diaphragm is the muscle located beneath the lungs.  To do this effectively, take a long, deep breath inhaled through the nose. Do you see your chest expand? That is a normal deep breath. Now sit up straight and take another deep breath using the diaphragm. Your chest will rise and you will feel the diaphragm move upwards. Exhale slowly. That is an effective deep breath. Do this to a count of 6, in for 6, out for 6.

Deep breathing allows the body to take in more oxygen and release more carbon dioxide than regular breathing. This leads to many health benefits: we become more alkaline, there is a lowering of blood pressure, a slowing of heart rate, and a relaxation of the muscles. It calms the mind, and it helps to reduce insomnia. It reduces fatigue, anxiety and stress by instantly changing our physiology from sympathetic (fight or flight) to parasympathetic (a relaxed state). It is this parasympathetic state that is desirable. It is a state that our body finds balance, renewal and it is a place where we can truly listen to what our intuition or knowing self is trying to tell us.

Deep breathing is also beneficial to the lymphatic system. This system carries toxins away from cells as the circulatory system carries oxygen to the cells. This exchange helps keep the body in a healthy balance.

Try it at the first sign of a cold or flu.

Eastern cultures have practiced deep breathing for centuries. They know it is essential to keep the mind and body in a positive relationship. Try the practices of yoga, qigong, and t’ai chi they all include deep breathing in their relaxation techniques.

If we all used deep breathing exercises, even as little as a few minutes a day, we could improve our mental outlook and most definitely see an improvement in our physical health as well.

I like the following on You Tube as an aid to deep breathing – Simple “Pranayama” Breathing Pattern 4 Stress Relief